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ATG Chapter 139 “The ‘Great Way’ and Buddha”

ooorrriiigggiinnnaaalll chaaptaah is heeereeee


“Sixteen year old youngster, you, do you really have the ability to comprehend the ‘Great Way of the Buddha’?”

The voice did not come from his ears. Instead, it came from deep inside his soul.

“Yes.” Yun Che replied in his mind.

“Then, what is your understanding?” The elderly voice continued to ask.

“I desire strength. The strength that exceeds everyone. The strength to protect all those I want to protect. That is what I have comprehended.” Yun Che replied truthfully.

“Very good.” The elderly voice revealed some admiration: “That is indeed the comprehension the deepest part of your soul has. You are truthful enough. However, if you really want to practice the ‘Great Way of the Buddha’, you must first understand what is the ‘Great Way’, and what is ‘Buddha’. Then, can I ask you to tell me what your understanding of the ‘Great Way’ and ‘Buddha’ is?”

What is the Great Way? What is Buddha?

Yun Che thought about it long and hard, before slowly saying: “The Great Way, is the fundamental law that governs heaven and earth. The Way, exists within nature and all beings. It exists in every space and time between heaven and earth,”

“A person is born as a baby before he grows up. If he were a normal person, his lifespan would not exceed a hundred. And that is the way. The fact that water can extinguish fire, grass is unable to grow taller than a tree, the world having not just earth, but also the skies and the seas… These are the way! It is the most fundamental law that governs this world. When these ways come together, they become the base of this world, supplementing the contents of the world. It causes the world to have law and order, allowing the world to function based on the ‘way’.

“That is my understanding of the Great Way.”

“As for Buddha, it is the symbol that represents the epitome of kindness, benevolence, forgiveness and similar qualities.

“Heheheheh.” The elderly voice laughed calmly: “Young one, at your age, you already have such a comprehension of the ‘Great Way’. This is rare. How about I bring you on a journey through your life?”

Yun Che: “!?”

The darkness in front of Yun Che suddenly vanished and was gradually replaced by a vividly colored image.

It was a place of scenic mountains and rivers. The grass was green and the river flowed noisily. A kind looking man who was nearly fifty carried a medicine basket and walked along the small river, until he saw a small baby by the river. The baby looked to be not more than a few days old and was completely naked other than an intricate ornament hung on his neck……

“Master……” Seeing the man walk towards the baby and carefully picking him up, Yun Che uttered out loud.

The elderly voice rang again: “That is Azure Cloud Continent. This scene was from the third day of your birth. What is the way you have encountered?”

Yun Che remained silent for a while before answering: “The way, is the rule…… I have been abandoned, but I did not die there. I was fated to meet Master. These are all the doings of the Great Way…… These are all the ‘way’.”

“Very good.”

The scene in front of him promptly changed, and soon, what he saw was the front door of Floating Cloud City’s Xiao Clan. He was walking out of the door with a rigid expression. He was suffering from insults, looks of disdain, sneers and gloating from others.

That was the scene from when he was expelled from Xiao Clan. Even now, he still clearly remembered the rage he had in his heart, and the worry he had for his grandfather and little aunt. He also felt angry and contempt at his own inability.

“That is Profound Sky Continent. You’re already sixteen years of age and had yet accomplished anything. Being expelled by your clansmen, other than your close relatives, the others all view you in contempt. They all sneered at your expulsion and would soon forget you. The you then, was so pathetic that you were not even worth remembering…… The you then, what is the ‘way’ on you?”

“Perhaps, that was a trial and test sent by Heaven’s Way.” Yun Che replied faintly.

“Hehe, based on what you understand from the ‘Great Way’, the ‘Great Way’ is the law that nature lives by. That means, you think that whatever you do in this life, even in your previous lives and your future lives, could never escape the control and the plans of the ‘Great Way’. Because no matter what you do, what you say, who or what you interact with, these are all the planned by the ‘Great Way’. These are within the laws and control of the ‘Great Way’. Am I correct?”

“…..” This stunned Yun Che, and he did not reply even after quite some time.

The scene in front of his eyes changed yet again. Now, he saw the greenery of a forest, except that the forest seemed to have gone through a thunderstorm, and was now in a mess. There were broken trees everywhere and in the midst of it, he was carrying a quiet weak girl, and was crying devastatingly. However, the girl had already passed on and could no longer answer his call……


“This was the only person you have ever loved on the Azure Cloud Continent, Su Ling’er. In the entirety of your soul, this was the most painful moment. Even until now, the pain has not yet vanished completely; this pain is etched deep within your soul. If you truly believe everything in this world does not escape the ‘Great Way’, then, if you had a second chance, do you still believe that you and her would still be unable to escape the plans of the ‘Great Way’, and that she would still leave you at the same time, at the same place.

Yun Che: “…………”

The scene yet again changed. Now, it showed a cliff where one could not seen its summit, nor could one see the bottom of the abyss. And he, was not plummeting down in despair……

“This was your last moment in the Azure Cloud Continent. You had been forced into despair, and jumped into this bottomless abyss after swallowing the Sky Poison Pearl. You believed that that, was the last moment of your life. However, when you woke up, you realized you had been reborn. Furthermore, you were reborn in a person that had already died on another continent…… Your rebirth, what you went through, what is the ‘way’ in that? If you had just died, what would be the ‘way’ in that? After your death, what does the ‘way’ give you?”

Yun Che: “……”

Soon, the scene in front of him vanished and the elderly voice also stopped. Yun Che mind was in a chaotic mess right now. His conscious was writhing and his soul was in turmoil. The things that he previously thought was the truth, the things he subconsciously knew could not be changed. All these were in chaos in his mind…… His entire subconscious became the raging waves of a storm and was unable to settle down. The profound formula for the “Great Way of the Buddha” seemed to have washed away with the waves and disappeared amongst the chaos.

This chaos lasted for some time…… An uncertain amount of time passed before Yun Che’s thoughts finally calmed down. After calming down for some time, he suddenly laughed. He laughed with extreme satisfaction and relaxation. It was as though he had let down a huge boulder in his heart and released the emotional lock in his heart.

“How was it, what have you realized?” The elderly voice said.

“I understand.” Yun Che smiled faintly. At this moment, he felt that his body and soul was ever so relaxed. Even how he viewed the outside world had already changed. It was as though he jumped from one world into another entirely different one: “In this world, there is no such thing as the ‘Great Way’. If one insists on there being one, then the ‘Great Way’ is myself.”

“Because I was born, that was why I was able to speak of the ‘Great Way’ in my heart. If I do not exist in this world, then the ‘Great Way’ would not even concern me. This is because I am not born because from the ‘Great Way’. Instead, the ‘Great Way’ is born because of my existence. All the elements in this world: “Water, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Light, Darkness, Time, Space…… They all exist for me, providing me the means to survive. The people, beasts, things I encounter, enhance my life and also exist for me. My loved ones, the people important to me, all of them supplement my emotions, igniting my passion and determination. Similarly, they exist for me…… And I, am the center of all things, the ruler of all these!”

“Everything in this world is for my use, every being in this world exists because of me. This is my ‘Great Way’ and the only ‘Great Way’! And ‘Buddha’ similarly exists within me. I can create it at anytime and destroy it at anytime. It is all controlled by my desires and cannot be interfered by anything else. Because I, am the ‘Great Way’!”

“HAHAHAHA!” The elderly voice laughed heartily: “Young one, you surprise me. No wonder you had two lives, no, three lives! You actually realized it so quickly. Then, from now onwards, let heaven and earth be within your control, let all beings in this world exist only because of you. Go and seek your own ‘Great Way’ and ‘Buddha’.

PMG Chapter 196 “The song of Lin Feng”


“In a towering rage, I rest under the whistling sound of rain.”

“Gazing into the distance, looking up to the heavens, I utter a long and loud cry. My chest feels painful.”

“Thirty soldiers now with the dust and earth, the moon and the clouds stretching as far as can see.”

“The young man’s hair turns white, he is filled with sorrow.”

“The humiliation of Duan Ren.”

“What the officials hate, they destroy.”

“On the back of the armored horses, going to the mountains armed with flowers.”

“With magnificent ideals in my mind yet starvation filling my stomach, I eat their flesh. To settle my thirst, I drink their blood.”

“Clearing from the beginning until the end, the mountains and lakes, moving towards the heavens.”

– Lin Feng

PMG Chapter 195 “The song of Yue Tian Chen”

Original chapter here

“Today, I would like to sing a song for the princess.”

When he finished talking, Tian Yue Chen’s deep and low voice spread through the air.

“Men and officers of the vast and boundless Xue Yue, beat the drums and sound the gongs!”


“Lords and nobles wearing armor and inspiring ambitions.”


“A hot-blooded man surrounded by lakes and mountains…..”

“Achieving a thousand heroic merits.”

“Just to be welcomed back as a hero by a beautiful woman.”

The people in the crowd were listening to these words while looking at that handsome young man. Their hearts were pounding and it seemed like the blood in their veins had been ignited with the passion for battle.

ISSTH Book 3 Chapter 284 “3 Daos of alchemy”

I~ DO~ NOT~ OWN~ ANYTHING~ AS ALWAYS hahah. Read Original chapter here
Chu Yuyan looked at the plant floating in front of her. A thoughtful look glittered in her phoenix-like eyes.

“The Dao of alchemy is like the great Dao of cultivation,” she thought. “Plants and vegetation grow within Heaven and Earth. However, Heaven and Earth are not alive. Concocting pills… is like refining the Heavens and transforming the Earth, finding a spark of life therein, and turning it into a medicinal pill. Therefore, pill concoction… is a search for life, a way to find that spark which doesn’t exist within Heaven and Earth!

“Nine is the ultimate number; therefore, I will make nine pills, and each pill will contain eight flowers. Furthermore, each pill will contain the medicinal properties of the one missing flower! These nine pills will form a cycle that will open up the path to the Heavens!” Chu Yuyan’s eyes glowed with determination now that she had made her decision. She immediately set to work concocting.

After thinking for several hours, a serious look filled Ye Feimu’s face, and he took a deep breath. His eyes narrowed as he flicked his sleeve; a Nine Treasures Pearl Curtain Plant appeared in front of him, and he began to concoct.

“If I’m going to concoct a pill, I’ll only make one,” he thought. “It will contain the medicinal properties of all nine flowers, as well as that of an additional medicinal pill! I will concoct not the number nine, but the number ten! I will concoct a pill that contains a medicinal property that the Nine Treasures Pearl Curtain Plant does not. In keeping with my identity, this tenth medicinal property will be unprecedented!”

It was difficult to say whose thinking in regard to the Dao of alchemy was more advanced. Between the two of them, one used the Dao of alchemy to refine life to the pinnacle. The other combined all the complex variations to create something unique.

At this moment, their skill in the Dao of alchemy was clearly visible to the spectators on the mountain top, and caused quite a stir. Everyone, including the representatives from the outside Sects, began to think deeply about the proceedings.

After Chu Yuyan and Ye Feimu made their decisions, the eight Violet Furnace Lords nodded in praise.

Grandmaster Pill Demon’s face, however, was unreadable, making everyone wonder which screen he was watching….

It was at this moment that Meng Hao opened his eyes, and they gleamed with a strange light. He lifted up his hand and pushed it onto the boulder. The Nine Treasures Pearl Curtain Plant appeared, along with his pill furnace. He did not immediately begin to concoct, though, but rather stare at the medicinal plant, his eyes shining.

Within his mind flitted countless pill formulas. His skill with plants and vegetation was in full force as well. The Nine Treasures Pearl Curtain Plant rotated in his mind as he mentally began to organize the various medicinal properties and how they worked together.

However, Meng Hao quickly decided to clear his mind. He looked at the medicinal plant, and then his eyes began to gleam even more brightly. He looked… interested. His bearing now was vastly different than the laziness he had displayed in the second region.

“I’m going to concoct ten pills,” he thought. “Nine minor pills, and one master pill. Nine is the ultimate number, representing strength. My body is the pill furnace, and my heart is the pill formula. Refine the Heavens, refine the Earth, refine the changes of Time. Concoct a pill that… contains the essence of nature’s simplicity!” A look both deep and bright shone in his eyes. Were this any other place, he would not display such an attitude toward pill concocting. But within this Violet Fate Sect trial by fire, his interest had been piqued. He would no longer conceal his true self; he would fully display his skill in the Dao of alchemy.

ISSTH Book 2 Chapter 137 “The Blood Dao”

Credits goes to the translators and editors of ISSTH and of course to the Author! Original chapter here
(That chinese character is supposed to mean blood but i dont know chinese teehee)

“Why does it have the character Ji on it? Is it a family name?” He thought about it for a bit, then focused his attention on the Scroll of the Blood Immortal Legacy. The instant he looked at it, he felt as if his head were about to be split in half.

To the average person, this pain would be excruciating, and difficult to bear. But to Meng Hao, it was nothing compared to the anguish he suffered during his poison flare-ups. His expression flickered somewhat, but as he focused on the splitting pain in his head, he caught sight of a special technique.

“Spirit Devouring Scripture!” Meng Hao’s heart trembled as the three blood-colored characters appeared in front of him and branded themselves indelibly onto his mind.

Meng Hao’s head began to thrum as it was filled with an ancient voice. It was impossible to say whether the voice was male or female. “If you Cultivate according to my scripture, you can wrest control of Spirit and blood and fuse them into your body. Refine them into a body of blood, Spirit of blood, a Blood Immortal, a Blood Dao!

“There are countless Cultivation methods in heaven and earth. The bloodline of my Legacy stretches back to the powerful first Founder. The bloodline contains his will, and can be passed on to tens of thousands of generations. When the bloodline is awakened in the descendants, they shall possess latent talent!

“My technique can be used to wrest away latent talent, and then sense the almighty will of the Founder. Refine the body, make the latent talent yours. Some have even tried to bring the ghost of the Founder into the world, to destroy Immortals and devils!

“Practicing Cultivation according to the technique of my Legacy is an insult to the Heavens. But fear not ghosts and divinities; overturn the vault of the Heavens with the flip of a hand, lower your head to cause heaven and earth to mourn!” Slowly a scripture came to be branded onto Meng Hao’s mind. Then a vast amount of miscellaneous information about the mask poured into his head.

“I am the Blood Immortal. My whole life was spent battling the Heavens. I met defeat only thrice! I wrested Spirits away from heaven and earth. Because I desired to wrest away the bloodline of Ji, the Heavens shunned me and longed for my destruction. My body could be destroyed, but not my will!

“I was not willing to give in because of three defeats. Therefore, I created three techniques: the Blood Finger, the Blood Palm, and the Blood Death World!

“Descendants of the Legacy of my Dao, do not forget that you must wrest away the bloodline of Ji! Make the Dao of Heaven weep, and the earth mourn! Remember the techniques of the Blood Immortal, the Nine Killing Magics!

“Remember, the day your Dao is achieved, put on my mask and hoist the flag of three streamers. Defy the ancients, topple the Heavens!

“Without a face, a single word, the flames of war unify

“Sundered clouds, a bloody rain, seas that fill the sky

“Capture the gods, advance the troops, fire consumes the towers

“Forge all spirits and bloodlines into the 9 killing powers!”

Meng Hao’s body trembled and he opened his eyes. He was still flying through the sky, above a vast empty space, and barren mountains. His eyes continued to swim, and his mind echoed with the archaic voice.

“Wrest away bloodline, achieve success. The strength of the bloodline is up to the glory of the Founder…. Wrested latent talent of the bloodline, can be refined into a body of blood… a body refined outside the body…

“No one person can hold the power of an entire bloodline. The blood of three generations is required to refine even a minor blood clone. If six generations of bloodlines are congealed, then a magnificent blood spirit can be achieved. If nine generations of blood, then the Great Circle of the blood spirit can be completed!

“The ancestors determine the strength of a bloodline. The stronger the past generations, the stronger the Blood Spirit!

“Thus, it becomes death. Nine bloodlines, nine experts. They become the nine deaths, nine deaths fused into one. This is… the Blood Dao!” Meng Hao panted, his mouth dry. At the moment, he was no longer flying. He had landed onto a barren mountain, where he now sat cross-legged, feeling the Spirit Devouring Scripture pulsing through his head.

This was the complete scripture, the full Legacy. But within the Legacy was something that filled Meng Hao with the reek of blood. He sat in thought for a long time before his eyes began to shine.

“Without a face, a single word, the flames of war unify

“Sundered clouds, a bloody rain, seas that fill the sky

“Capture the gods, advance the troops, fire consumes the towers

“Forge all spirits and bloodlines into the 9 killing powers!”

ISSTH Book 3 Chapter 251 “Meng Hao’s Dao of alchemy!”

I do not own anything. Read the original at Wuxiaworld


“Philosophy? I would love to hear some more details.”

“I speak of nothing other than the philosophy of transformation,” he replied immediately. “Take the best of many schools of thought and fuse it into your own. Absorb the finest aspects of your acquaintances. Eliminate the dregs which exist in the self. Refining pills is like refining the self! By reaching perfection, the path to the pinnacle can be trodden, and the full power of transformation can be employed!” The surrounding Black Sieve Sect disciples seemed to approve of his words.

He continued in a voice that could sever nails and chop iron: “It’s like when a painter paints a mountain. He first observes millions of mountains, and then is capable of painting his own. That mountain he paints will contain the essence of all the other mountains he observed; thus, a masterpiece is created! Similarly, millions of tiny streams will fuse together to create a great and boundless river! This is the philosophy of which I speak. Assemble the thoughts from many schools, and coalesce them in the self! This is my path, and how I achieve the Dao of alchemy!” He flicked his sleeve, and his eyes glittered as he stared at Meng Hao. “I’m curious to hear Grandmaster Fang’s philosophy of alchemy!”

His words echoed out into the hearts of the tens of thousands of Black Sieve Sect disciples. Han Bei looked on thoughtfully. Behind Meng Hao, Zhou Dekun stared, an introspective look in his eyes.

Meng Hao looked back at Chen Jiaxi, his expression the same as ever. His tone light, he began, “When a painter observes millions of mountains, then paints one, perhaps his painting contains the essence of the mountains he observed. However, the mountain he paints… is not real. It emerges from his imagination, and is what he believes a mountain to be. In truth, he has already forgotten the first mountain he ever saw, because he has seen too many. He has also forgotten the feeling he experienced when he gazed at that first mountain’s peak.

“Millions of streams fuse together to become a great and boundless river. But that river… is no longer the stream it once was. It is the amalgamation of many waters, fused together and indistinguishable. That first tiny stream which dreamed of being a river is now dead, killed by the very process it desired.

“The process of his pursuit causes the painter to forget that first mountain, and because of that, the very reason he wished to paint a mountain in the first place. The process of becoming a river causes the stream to lose itself. Its will is diluted as it becomes a river, and then it is gone.” As he spoke, Meng Hao’s voice grew louder.

“This is my third question. By fusing many schools of thought, you lose yourself. You think you have benefited, but in reality, you have no path of your own. If you have no ideal of your own to adhere to, then you have observed millions of mountains, but forgotten why you wanted to paint a mountain to begin with!

“Without principles of your own to stick to, then you are a stream that has become a river. However, such a river has no soul! That, is true death!” Meng Hao flicked his wide sleeve. His words poured into Chen Jiaxi’s ears and sent his mind spinning.

“As Cultivators, we must adhere to our own set of principles. As alchemists, we must adhere to our own Dao of alchemy. Acquaintances and other schools of thought can bolster or support our confidence. But we must never allow the process of the search to result in losing our own ideal.

“If the heart is unyielding, nothing can ever supersede it. This type of heart may seem as if it contains transformations, but in reality, is stable, a foundation. From beginning to end, it will never disappear. It will always exist. An unchangeable heart!” Meng Hao’s powerful words shook the square. Chen Jiaxi’s face twisted, and without even thinking about it, he retreated a few paces. His eyes shone with confusion.

“If your heart yields, how can you create anything lasting?!” Meng Hao continued. “Grandmaster Chen, you do not possess a resolute heart. Do you truly have the confidence to mention other schools of thought? Do you have the courage to boast shamelessly of blending together your own path? Do you truly dare to speak to me of the Dao of alchemy?”

Silence filled the square for a moment, and then conversations filled the air. Chen Jiaxi was panting, and his heart was filled with confusion.


Behind Meng Hao, Zhou Dekun trembled, his mind reeling. All of a sudden he realized why after all this time he had never been able to become a Violet Furnace Lord. “Over the years, I’ve paid too much attention to the Dao of alchemy of those around me,” he thought. “I’ve picked and chosen randomly…. I’ve forgotten about the path I originally wished to tread…. If your heart yields, how can you create anything lasting?”

Patriarch Violet Sieve and the beautiful woman exchanged a meaningful glance. Only the ruddy-faced old man next to them sat there with his eyes closed, not having moved a muscle.

A buzz of conversation rose up from the Black Sieve Sect disciples. Meng Hao’s words had caused great waves of emotion to rise up in their hearts.

“You….” Chen Jiaxi’s face was pale. Next to him, Li Yiming was breathing heavily.

Meng Hao flicked his sleeve. His voice thundered up to the heavens. “Because the self never changes, the heart can tolerate the ever-changing transformations of the sun and moon, the maelstroms of Heaven and Earth, and those arduous journeys through thousands of crags and tens of thousands of torrents.

“The Dao of alchemy is eternal. The countless transformations contained within the heart are the pill formula. The unchangeable self is the pill furnace.

“I am the pill furnace, and my heart is the pill formula. Refine the interior to achieve Immortality. Refine the exterior to achieve the boundless Dao of alchemy. Fuse them together, and this is the Truth of alchemy. Alchemy is the Heavens! Alchemy is the Earth! Alchemy is the world!

“This is my Dao of alchemy!” Finally, the ruddy-faced man next to Patriarch Violet Sieve opened his eyes and looked at Meng Hao.

Each and every one of the Black Sieve Sect Cultivators, regardless of who they were, were now looking at Meng Hao. A silence as thick as death hung over them as they stared with brightly shining eyes.

Zhou Dekun stared excitedly at Meng Hao. As of now, not a shred of doubt existed in his heart. All of it had been replaced by passion, and pride. It was all because of Fang Mu, alchemist of the East Pill Division!

ISSTH Book 1 Chapter 58 “Snow can only exist in the cold winter”

This was translated by Deathblade at Wuxiaworld. These philosophical and profound things always make my heart beat rise and I always get tired when i cant find them again.


“Brother Meng, you spoke incorrectly just now,” said Zheng Yong solemnly. “Your surname will bring you luck. It has been passed down to you from ancient times. As a descendant of Qingfu, even if you didn’t pass the Imperial examinations, as long as you have kindness and virtue in your heart, you can still live by the values of Confucius.”

Meng Hao thought silently for a moment, then lifted his head and looked at the scholar sitting in front of him. “Brother Zheng,” he said quietly, “what is the true meaning of Confucianism?”

“Courtesy, benevolence, loyalty, and the golden mean,” he responded unhesitatingly. “This is Confucianism.”

Meng Hao didn’t respond. He looked out through the curtain at the snowflakes filling the air. After a while, he spoke again in a cool voice: “What is the meaning of life?”

“Life?” said Zheng Yong, looking surprised. He hesitated for a while, not saying anything.

The inside the carriage grew quiet, filled only with the sound of falling snow, which drifted in through the window. Meng Hao lifted up his hand and reached outside. Snowflakes gradually accumulated on his hand.

“Snow will only appear during winter,” he said quietly, “and can only exist in the cold wind. Therefore, its life exists only during the depths of winter.” He pulled his hand back into the carriage and held it next to the copper oven. The snow began to melt, turning into water, which flowed through the creases of his palm.

“Snow can only live in the winter. When it nears a fire, it dies. That is its life. It may yearn for summer, but… it can only desire it. In my hand, the snow becomes water, because this is not its world….” He raised his hand back up and brushed the water off outside the window. There, beyond the vision of the young scholar, it once again became snow.

Zheng Yong stared mutely, a deep look appearing in his eyes. Eventually, the carriage entered the city.

“Thank you for allowing me to accompany you, Brother Zheng,” said Meng Hao coolly. “I shall take my leave.” He saluted politely, and stepped out of the carriage, then treaded across the snow-filled street.

“Yearning for summer,” Zheng Yong murmured to himself, “but only able to exist in the cold of winter. Only able to look off into the distance… that is snow.” He watched Meng Hao disappearing into the distance. After a while, he got out of the cart and gave a deep bow in Meng Hao’s direction.

Snow began to cover him, but he knew that as soon as he reentered the carriage, it would die. He would never forget what had just happened, and what he had just seen and heard. Years later, after he became a famous Confucian in the State of Zhao, he would think back to that windy, winter night when the snow slowly melted into water. And he would think of a scholar named Meng Hao.

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